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First of all, target local business publications and anyone who you feel would be interested in the new site. Then move on to utilizing the press release process as a link-building exercise. If you write up a professional press release and use a resource like Press Release Jet to get the press release spread far and wide for the purpose of gaining links back to the site.Unless you’re a very big company, serious news sources won’t make a big deal out of your launch but it doesn’t mean you can’t use the opportunity to get on some cool sites and possibly promote it there. Press Release Jet and other services distribute your press release to the press release section of local news stations websites around the company so you can even promote those articles once they get published – and they do get published on very credible sites that can make you and your company look good. Just make sure your press release takes an angle that would be interesting to your prime demographic and isn’t just navel-gazing.

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