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A creative team is made up of several key members, starting with a creative director, and including copywriters, editors, graphic designers and artists, and web developers. In short, it’s the group of people that comes up with the advertising ideas and brings those ideas into being. Titles may vary among different organizations. In some agencies, the lines defining the creative team blur, and the account managers or executives — who serve as a liaison between the client companies and the agency — also get into the creative act. Smaller agencies often have fewer members on their creative teams than larger agencies, and the duties overlap. For example, an advertising manager may also be the creative director and a graphic designer. The creative director coordinates the creative team, and liaises with the account executives. Copywriters do the actual writing. Editors help ensure the accuracy of advertisements. Artists or graphic designers create the artwork, illustrations and other visual aspects of the advertisements. Web developers upload creative pieces to the Internet.v

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